Level 2 Award in Listening Support Skills (LSK-L2)

At a glance information

Qualification Number 500/7793/4
Guided Learning Hours 20 hours (minimum)
Total Qualification Time 39 hours
Credit value 4
Minimum age 14 years


Once candidates have completed this qualification, those aged 16 or over may wish to progress to Level 2 Award in Introduction to Counselling Skills.

Important announcement about our Level 2 Award in Listening Support Skills (LSK-L2).

This qualification is currently in the process of being withdrawn. As such, it is no longer open to new applications. For further information, please call 01458 850350 or email admin@cpcab.co.uk.


This qualification is designed for candidates who wish to use listening support skills safely and effectively in a variety of professional or voluntary contexts including:

  • peer support work
  • as part of a helping professional role
  • to support colleagues at work
  • to support service users
  • to support the roles of para-professionals and volunteers
  • to enhance community relations.

This qualification does not lead directly to an employed role. However, it could enhance an existing voluntary or paid role or increase the general employability of those seeking to enter the job market.

Entry requirements

No previous training or experience is required to undertake this qualification but please read section 5 of the Specification for further information.


This qualification is eligible for funding in England under local flexibility arrangements.

Candidates in England may also be able to access funding according to individual entitlement criteria (e.g. related to age and/or employment status and/or prior qualifications).

For more detailed see funding information.

Where to study

Use our centre finder to find a Level 2 Award in Listening Support Skills course near you.

Key documents

Candidate Guide Criteria Assessment sheet Tutor Guide Specification