Experiencing Counselling DVD

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Running time: 63 minutes

About this DVD

In this DVD six people share their experiences which led them to seek counselling.

Maureen Moore, an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, talks about counselling and explores some of the issues relating to what counselling is and how we go about choosing a counsellor. She explains the need to think about what you want from the counselling relationship. The relationship will be influenced by the person of the counsellor as well as the therapeutic approach that they adopt.

There are three sections:

Why did you consider counselling?
In this first section, we hear from the individuals that they all had different life experiences which led them to seek counselling. Experiences like loss, abuse, and separation, ending of relationships, bottling up emotions, fear, self doubt and confusion about own feelings are some of the reasons presented. Each person and situation is unique and therefore we see that their needs are equally different.

How did you find a counsellor?
Finding a counsellor can be challenging and the six individuals talk about the different ways in which they identified people they would talk to and how they eventually decided who they would continue to see.

How is counselling helping?
This question is answered by the six individuals. They mention enrichment, support, help with clarifying the confusing ‘why’ questions in life, resolving relationship problems, finding answers to questions, increasing confidence, not being overwhelmed by feelings and by others and working on the future.

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