Transforming Emotional Pain: An Illustration of Emotion-Focused Therapy DVD

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About this DVD

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) seeks to go beyond the symptomatic distress that clients present with - such as depression and anxiety - to focus on the chronic painful emotions - such as sadness, loneliness, shame or fear - that lie at the core of client difficulties.

In an engaging EFT session, Ladislav Timulak helps the client, Claire, to explore the emotional impact of a very traumatic experience associated with the birth of her daughter. Together they examine the links between the trauma and the core painful emotions that Claire is experiencing. They also identify and articulate Claire's unmet emotional needs and work to evoke compassionate emotional responses to these needs.

In a separate commentary on the EFT session, Ladislav describes the therapeutic strategy that guided him and talks about EFT theory as it relates to practice. He also shares the personal journey that led him to EFT together with the basic principles of the approach.

In discussion with counsellor Ray van der Poel, Ladislav provides an overview of EFT with a specific focus on research developments that have contributed to shaping the approach.

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About the therapist

Ladislav Timulak PhD is the Course Director in Counselling Psychology at Trinity College, Dublin. He is involved with training counselling psychologists and various psychotherapy trainings globally. He also maintains a part-time private practice.