Understanding Emotion-Focused Therapy DVD

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The home study edition permits the purchaser to view or use the DVD an unlimited number of times in a personal and private capacity, e.g. private study.

In addition to the above, the group training edition permits the purchaser to view or use the DVD an unlimited number of times in a professional, public and/or group capacity.

Running time: 3 hours and 58 minutes (same for both versions)

About this DVD

How can we support clients to develop their emotional health?

In this introduction to Emotion-Focused Therapy Robert Elliott both describes, and demonstrates, some of the key elements of this contemporary, research-informed humanistic approach. This exceptionally informative collection of videos will be of great practical value to both trainees and practitioners wishing to develop their understanding of working with emotions. It is also an ideal introduction to this theoretically grounded, empirically supported, and integrative humanistic therapy.

Robert is one of the originators of Emotion-Focused Therapy and is a leading international figure in the psychotherapy research field.

The collection consists of the following videos:

  • Emotion-Focused Therapy session
  • Post-session debrief in which both practitioner and client talk about their experience of the session
  • Session with commentary by Robert Elliott
  • Discussion of key Emotion-Focused Therapy concepts and how they inform client work - with Robert Elliott and the Person-Centred counsellor Barry Kopp
  • Series of short supporting videos in which Robert Elliott talks about a range of emotional health and Emotion-Focused Therapy topics.

Clips from the DVD