July 2006 No. 15

In this Update

Candidate Registration

From September 2006 you will be able to email registration forms directly to us at CPCAB by using the address registration@cpcab.co.uk. Please be aware that from this date there will also be a late application administration fee of £50.00 for all registrations received more than four weeks after the start of the course. For more information please call me on 01458 852054.

Marina Richards
External Assessment Administrator


A couple attended marriage counselling to resolve communication problems. The fighting and bickering during the session was so bad the counsellor called for a timeout and told them he was ending the session early but had an assignment for the husband.

"John," he said, "you're an athletic guy… here's what I want you to do. I want you to jog 10 miles every day for the next 30 days. At the end of the 30 days call me and let me know how things are going."

John agreed. At the end of the 30 days, He called the marriage counsellor, very excited. "I did just as you said and I have never felt better in my life!" he exclaimed over the phone.

"Great!" replied the counselor, "And how's your wife?"

John paused and then replied with some dismay, "How should I know? I'm 300 miles from home!"

A man saw his therapist on the opposite bank of the river.

“Ahoy there!  How can I get to the other side?”

The therapist shouted back, “You are already on the other side.”

Tailor-made learning solutions

CPCAB will now accredit your centre's customised awards. For details of the accreditation process and to register your interest please complete a summary of accreditation process and return the specification document to us.

Conversely, you can find out more by calling Maureen Moore, Director of Qualifications Development on 01458 850350 or by emailing her at mmoore@cpcab.force9.co.uk.

Standardisation Training 2006-07

It's time to think again about standardisation training!!

As you know, it is a requirement that all tutors assessing candidates on CPCAB qualifications are standardised during the academic year in which they are assessing. In the past we have exempted Centres delivering only ICSK-L2, but these Centres will now also be standardised.

As a Centre it is your responsibility to:

As a tutor it is your responsibility to:

Also, because of the high cost of providing training places, there will be a charge of £50 for each tutor who books a place but does not attend. This charge will be invoiced directly to the Centre.

Certificates of attendance will be awarded to tutors attending a full CPCAB standardisation day and records of individual tutor attendance over the past three years are now held at CPCAB’s Head Office. Please note that failure to meet standardisation requirements may result in your internal assessments being declared invalid.

As usual we will be running a series of sessions around the country to minimise the distances you have to travel. Below is a list of dates and venues which can be clicked on for a map and directions.The day will start at 10am and finish at 4pm. Refreshments and a small buffet lunch will be provided.

Location Venue Date
Bristol British Airways Worker's Association Saturday 30th September 2006
Birmingham Birmingham Voluntary Service Council Saturday 14th October 2006
London The Resource Centre Friday 3rd November 2006
London The Resource Centre Saturday 4th November 2006
Northern Ireland North East Institute - Ballymena Campus Friday 10th November 2006
Derby Genesis Centre, Alfreton Saturday 3rd March 2007

Please phone CPCAB on 01458 850350 on ext 2 or email Jackie Collier (stand@cpcab.co.uk) to book your place.

New DVDs

From September 2006 we will have several new DVDs available for you to buy. Following the success of the tutor support pack for the Level 2 Introduction to Counselling Skills (ICSK-L2) qualification we are extending this format to all of our qualifications, starting with Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills (CSK-L2). We will also be producing a range of new training DVDs giving listening and responding skills as well as more advanced role plays on a number of key counselling topics. The launch date for our new DVD titles is Autumn 2006. Watch this space for more news of this exciting development!

Victor Rigby
Business Manager

External Assessment dates for 2006-07

Below is a table detailing the External Assessment dates for 2006-07.

Qualification Date of EA Date of results
ICSK-L2 20/11/06 15/01/07
TC-L4 Stage 1 09/10/06 N/A
TC-L4 Stage 2 13/11/06 08/01/07
CSK-L2 15/01/07 19/03/07
CSK-L3 15/01/07 12/02/07
CST-L3 29/01/07 27/03/07
TC-L4 Stage 1 15/01/07 N/A
TC-L4 Stage 2 05/02/07 16/04/07
ICSK-L2 12/03/07 23/04/07
CSK-L2 23/04/07 11/06/07
CST-L3 14/05/07 25/06/07
Qualification Date of EA Date of results
CSU-L4 21/05/07 25/06/07
PC-L5 21/05/07 25/06/07
TCSU-L6 21/05/07 25/06/07
ICSK-L2 11/06/07 16/07/07
TC-L4 Stage 1 14/05/07 N/A
TC-L4 Stage 2 11/06/07 03/09/07
CSK-L2 02/07/07 03/09/07
CST-L3 02/07/07 03/09/07
CSK-L3 02/07/07 03/09/07
ICSK-L2 20/08/07 17/09/07

Fees for 2006-07

Our qualification fees for 2006-07 are detailed below:

Qualification Registration fee Re-sit fee
ICSK-L2 £33 £22
CSK-L2 £105 £49
CSK-L3 £129 £75
CST-L3 £105 £49
TC-L4 Year 1 £175
TC-L4 Year 2 £175 £125
CSU-L4 £169 £110
PC-L5 £199 £125
TCSU-L6 £199 £125

New CPCAB website

We have been busy behind the scenes developing a new website for CPCAB. From September 2006 our current website will be replaced by a new one. We have designed it so that it is attractive, easy to use and easily accessible. New content will include a CPCAB Shop, News & Events, online candidate registration and much more. Below are a couple of preview snapshots from the new site:

Stephen Spraggon
Creative Developer

Layard report on depression

A new report, published by Lord Layard and colleagues from the London School of Economics, has called for the creation of 250 new therapy teams by 2013. Layard says that the therapists should be trained in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and be drawn half from socials workers, nurses, counsellors and occupational therapists and half from clinical psychologists.

"It would both improve peoples' lives enormously and also save the rest of us a lot of money if we tackle these problems" he said.

You can read the full report on the London School of Economics website.

Documentation CDs

From September 2006 onwards we will be sending out course documentation on CD rather than in printed format. The CDs will be interactive and work on both PCs and Macs, allowing you to view the documents on screen or print them off. In addition to this change we have also re-designed the look of our documentation so that it is easier to read.

Each candidate will receive a CD containing:

Each tutor will receive a CD containing:

In addition, the tutor CD for TC-L4 will also contain a complete guide to External Assessment and guidance on workplace experience.

Centres who would like printed and bound versions of the documentation may request one for a small charge.