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Student UpdateAug 2017 No. 34

We’ve just moved into our smart new office in the grounds of our old headquarters. Surrounded by trees – it certainly puts our previous accommodation in the shade!

Designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, the new building is clad in sustainable timber and topped with solar panels, and presents a long and low silhouette in order to blend in unobtrusively with its sylvan setting. It’s also been purpose-built to meet our current and future needs, e.g. it includes a state of the art film studio for our output of counselling training videos, easy access facilities and a super catering kitchen and dining room for staff and visitors.

There’s still some work to be done on the outside but on the inside we are busy getting to grips with the telephone system and appreciating the extra space.

External assessment dates

The dates for all external assessments for CPCAB qualifications are scheduled as far ahead as possible to allow everyone concerned to plan ahead. If you would like to check the dates for your qualification, please see the CPCAB website for details.


In April's edition of “Student Update” we asked if you were able to spare us a few moments to provide us with some feedback on our qualifications. Thank you to those of you who replied – we really appreciate it! But we could certainly do with more. As well as our formal annual qualifications review, we are always grateful for constructive feedback to help us to continue to make improvements. Thank you!

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First person: ‘I'm having treatment now, you know.’

Second person: ‘What for? Is it your face?’

First person: ‘No! It's for my low self-esteem!’

Second person: ‘What? You mean you're not having treatment for your face?’