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The Good Samaritan - updated
A poor man, victim of a violent mugging, lay broken and battered on the pavement. First to come along was a well-dressed businessman. He saw the victim, looked away and crossed to the other side.

Next was an elderly lady. She stared at the prone figure for a while, then shook her head and crossed to the other side.

Finally a counsellor came by. He didn’t cross to the other side. Instead he examined the bleeding man closely. His expression was sorrowful. Eventually he said, sadly … ‘Whoever did this … really needs help …’

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Counselling studies: The benefits of training – an informational slideshow

We have created a ‘slideshow’ presentation (in PowerPoint format) about counselling studies and the associated CPCAB qualification (Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies). The presentation can be downloaded from here and includes three short videos. It aims to help prospective students:

  • Discover what our counselling studies qualification prepares them for.
  • Get a sense of what happens on a counselling studies course and understand its main purpose.
  • Find out the benefits of this training.
  • Learn more about the qualification.

We would very much appreciate it if you would forward the above clickable link to anyone you know who might be interested to learn more about the benefits of a training in counselling studies.

Regulation update

The government is opposed to the statutory regulation of counselling and psychotherapy and has abandoned plans to regulate the profession via the HPC (Health Professions Council). However they are keen on voluntary registration and have charged CHRE (Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence) with developing a system for achieving this.

The CHRE will be re-named the Professional Standards Authority (for Health and Social Care) and is in the process of agreeing standards for organisations wishing to establish Assured Voluntary Registers (AVRs). CHRE will pilot their quality assurance scheme this year with a view to launching it more widely in November 2012.

Although this is not a statutory system it is almost certain that practitioners will need to be on an AVR to work in the public sector. There is no limit on the number of AVRs that might be approved and is it clear that there will be several in our field.

CPCAB has attended the CHRE workshops as an interested party and is exploring the possibility of either becoming a register holder ourselves or entering into a partnership to establish a register. Our aim would be to provide a clear, direct and inexpensive route for candidates with CPCAB qualifications to join an AVR. We will keep you updated on developments.

Somerset scenes

As well as being CPCAB's Graphic Designer and IT Co-ordinator, Steve Spraggon is also a landscape photographer with a wonderful collection of pictures of Somerset and the south west.

Visit Steve’s website to see his photos of the atmospheric Somerset Levels in which the CPCAB offices are located. You'll soon see why we love working in this quiet but beautiful part of the world!