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A man walks into a psychotherapist’s consulting room with a large frog attached to the top of his head. 

“Do take a seat”, the therapist says, pointing to the nearby chair. “Perhaps you’d like to start by telling me how all your difficulties began.” 

“It all started when I developed a boil on my bum”… said the frog.

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Replacement certificates

From September 2011 the cost of replacement certificates will rise to £35 per certificate. This increase reflects the additional administrative work involved in checking identities and ensuring confidentiality and security meet the highest standards.

An example of the new Application for Replacement Certificate Form (CR8) will be available to view in the Downloads section of our website under Admin Docs and Registration Forms from the end of July. This will detail the reasons for requesting a replacement certificate, examples of acceptable proofs of identity and payment methods.

Replacement certificates will be sent out within 21 working days from receipt of the registration form.

Clear as mud ...

Those of you who have watched the coverage of the recent Glastonbury Festival may be interested to know that some of our more adventurous CPCAB staff members were battling the mud to raise money for the brain injuries charity, Headway. Jackie Collier and Gill Baker have been running a team of campsite stewards for four years now and once again were supported by Jan Mojsa and Heather Price, as part of a team of 40.

Far left, Gill Baker; 6th left, Jan Mojsa; far right, Jackie Collier (Heather Price was out and about and missed the photoshoot).

When we hand over the cheque later in the year it will mean that we have raised a total of over £18,000 for this wonderful charity Oh, and believe it or not - we all had a fabulous time in spite of the mud!


We’re a friendly team at CPCAB and love to talk to you! However, at times our hard-worked telephone staff find themselves drowning under a barrage of telephone enquiries, many of them asking questions that are answered in detail on our website.

To allow our staff to concentrate more on providing you with the best service we can, we have brought in a few new features that, hopefully, will reduce the volume of calls somewhat.

We have a new feature on our telephone answering message, suggesting that callers to check our website in case their question has already been answered there - this also avoids the need to try to remember the advice you’ve been given!

This message is repeated on the website itself, in the ‘contact us’ section.

There is also a new email address specifically set up to deal with enquiries - callers who use this facility will have a written record of our reply, of course, and will help us deal with their call at the most convenient time. For emailed enquiries, use

In fact, tutors and candidates alike may find the FAQs section is interesting - if you haven’t had a look yet you might like to do so when you have a spare minute. Yes, we know, it doesn’t happen very often! And, of course, sometimes there is no substitute for a human voice and we will continue to provide the usual friendly service if you need it. Many thanks.