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Student UpdateJul 2019 No. 42

Once again, we find ourselves at the end of a busy academic year, and we hope it's been a good one for you. It can feel as if we are still living through troubled and uncertain times, though, with uncertainty on the home front and on the global stage. At such times we value more than ever the special relationship with have with our centres and their learners, from our old friends who have been with us for so many years to the new recruits to the CPCAB family, who are still finding their way with us. Our very best wishes go to you all and we hope you enjoy your summer break. Don't forget the sun screen!


The CPCAB family at head office continues to grow, and we are delighted to introduce to you...

Ella Taylor, who joined us in May as Operations Co-ordinator, supporting Ray van der Poel in the business side of our operations. Ella is a Somerset girl and knows this part of the world very well, although she is finding the world of counselling training very different after working in the plant and construction industry! Like most of our staff, she's a busy bee, with a motorbike-mad husband and two and a half year old daughter, but she's still found time to adopt a very special cat with only three legs. She describes her strengths as “thinking on her feet and juggling multiple priorities” and we would agree with that – and add many more to the list! Welcome, Ella... we're pleased to have you here.

More recently, Sharon Coles has joined us to support Marina, Trudy and Yvette in our endlessly busy exams department, after working for one of our long-established local employers, Clarks of Street, for many years. Sharon is also a Somerset girl, with two teenage daughters, a husband and a cat (4 legs, if you're wondering). She loves socialising with friends, visiting National Trust properties and holidaying in France, plus listening to music both at home and at live concerts. (Don't tell anyone, but she can also play an instrument... the euphonium! As far as we know, that's a first for CPCAB). As an adaptable sort of person who is always cheerful, Sharon has fitted right in with the team and we're pleased to welcome her too!

Finally, we have very recently been joined by Jill Robinson, who is working with Gill Baker in a busy office dealing with regulation, committees, risks and complaints, among other things. Jill was previously working for our local District Council and the quirky nature of this complex role is a big change for her! But she's settling in well and has already made firm friends among the team. Jill's two daughters have moved away from home now but the family remains close and are always happy to have an excuse to get together. Jill's calm, reassuring manner is just what is needed in such a busy office and the only problem is both answering at once when anyone calls “J(G)ill! Welcome, Jill-with-a-J. We're looking forward to getting to know you better.


A reminder that we are grateful for your feedback on our qualifications and service. Feedback is a vital part of our annual qualifications review every spring, but we are happy to receive it, both from tutors and from learners at any time of year.

This link will take you to a simple online feedback form; it should only take a few minutes to complete. Many thanks.

A New Vision for Mental Health

“Have you ever wondered what mental healthcare would look like if, knowing what we know today, it was redesigned from scratch?” The New Vision for Mental Health project looks at various aspects of – and answers to – this question.

Recent posts on the project website include:

New training video - Transforming Emotional Pain: An Illustration of Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)

The Counselling Channel has just released a new training video titled "Transforming Emotional Pain: An Illustration of Emotion-Focused Therapy", featuring the work of Dr. Ladislav Timulak. It includes an Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) session, reflections from the client and the therapist, commentary about the session and a discussion focusing on EFT and research developments.

EFT seeks to go beyond the symptomatic distress that clients present with - such as depression and anxiety - to focus on the chronic painful emotions - such as sadness, loneliness, shame or fear - that lie at the core of client difficulties.

In an engaging EFT session, Ladislav helps client, Claire, to explore the emotional impact of a very traumatic experience associated with the birth of her daughter. Together they examine the links between the trauma and the core painful emotions that Claire is experiencing. They also identify and articulate Claire's unmet emotional needs and work to evoke compassionate emotional responses to these needs.

Ladislav Timulak PhD is the Course Director in Counselling Psychology at Trinity College, Dublin. He is involved with training counselling psychologists and various psychotherapy trainings globally. He also maintains a part-time private practice.

Seeking a client for a training video about Emotion-Focused Therapy

In August and September 2019 CPCAB will be filming a training video about Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) and anxiety in our studio near Glastonbury, Somerset. We are looking for a client who is a past student or a CPCAB tutor.

We will be filming an EFT session plus pre and post outcomes and we would like to find a client who has generalised anxiety disorder and/or experiences social anxiety.

We approach all of our filming with great sensitivity and follow ethical guidelines.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Jacinta Powell.


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