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Student UpdateOct 2013 No. 19

Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness

Welcome back to our friends and colleagues at the start of another academic year ... the 20th year of CPCAB as an awarding body. Here in Somerset we are celebrating a bumper apple harvest and looking forward to a vintage year for our native tipple, farmhouse cider!

We hope you've had a restful summer break and that you're in good spirits (with or without cider) ready for the challenges of the year ahead.

CPCAB's new look

We are always looking for more effective means of keeping in touch with our tutors and learners, and during a recent upgrade of our website – which went live on 7th October – we decided to completely refresh the imagery and content of all our communications materials.

The result took the CPCAB philosophy as its main inspiration to create a warmer and more contemporary look. We also used a number of messages from the philosophy to illustrate the unique nature of counselling, e.g. “the heart of our work is the hurt in our hearts”.

The new image has been created by our in-house design team, Stephen Spraggon and Lalita Powell – we hope you like it.

To the right are some examples of CPCAB's new look.

Coming soon! New Addictions Counselling DVD

Two million people in the UK suffer from addiction of one kind or another. Skilful counselling can often help addicts to understand their emotional needs and enable them to address the problems which underlie their addiction.

Skilful counselling can often help addicts to understand their emotional needs ... and address the problems which underlie their addiction

This DVD consists of an emotionally powerful counselling session with a woman in early recovery from drug addiction. Within a safe space the client is able to explore her past in relation to the present and also to begin to understand the multi-faceted role addiction has had throughout her life. The client's story is one of terrible losses but also of an enduring hope that paves the way for recovery.

In addition to the counselling session there is also a commentary on the counsellor's thoughts and feelings about her client together with an overview of substance misuse and definitions of the many forms addiction takes. Also highlighted are the complex needs of the client and the importance of the counsellor/client relationship.

In summary, Addictions Counselling –

  • raises awareness of substance misuse and addiction
  • explores an important therapeutic relationship
  • examines he role of hope – and hopelessness – in the process of change
  • explores safety and containment
  • looks at the nature and dynamics of addiction and recovery, and resilience
  • raises question about the nature of the work and the nature of addiction
  • challenges other approaches and modalities.

This DVD is for students, trainees and all those who work with addiction. It will also benefit families and friends of addicts, and all those currently in recovery or seeking recovery.

You can reserve a copy of our new Addictions Counselling DVD by emailing

Life Coaching progression route

We are pleased to announce that our Level 4 qualification in Life Coaching Practice is almost ready to launch. This qualification offers a progression from our Level 3 Certificate in Life Coaching Studies which equips learners with a range of life coaching skills and techniques relevant to a variety of settings.

The level 4 qualification enables learners to practise as a life coach in independent practice. It is built upon the CPCAB life coaching model which is a coherent research-informed framework for ethical and safe practice which is essential in this newly emerging field.

Social media

We are pleased to let you know that we have now gone past the 4,000 mark in terms of CPCAB's combined social media ‘followers’. This is comprised of:


Actual statement from a Church newsletter ... ‘Don't let worry kill you off - let the Church help’.

And from a different Church ... ‘Low self esteem support group meets on Thursdays at 7. Please use the back door’.