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Student UpdateSep 2016 No. 31

We wish a warm welcome back to our centres and their learners, old and new. As this edition of Update leaves us on its way to you, it's a glorious early autumn day and we're hoping for more of the same before winter is upon us. We hope you've had a pleasant summer break and feel ready to take on the challenges of a new academic year. Whatever it brings, we're here to face them with you!

Client work with Children and Young People (CYP) – a reminder

As you may know BACP's guidance on client work with children and young people when applying for accreditation has been revised this year. Since then we have received a number of enquiries about CPCAB's own requirements in terms of the Level 4 Diploma, TC-L4.

In fact our requirements have not changed - although we have recently updated our guidance in the interests of clarity.

Social media

CPCAB's facebook page continues to attract ever-increasing numbers of followers who are able to access a wide range of links to features that might be of interest. In the last two weeks alone updates have included Homes Not Hospitals, The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs and a link to a recent article in the Guardian about Natasha Devon, the government's schools' mental health champion, who claims the DfE has tried to silence her for her criticisms of mental health policy.


Two new DVDs have recently been released and are available for purchase from the CPCAB shop.

Understanding Person-Centred Counselling is introduced by Barry Kopp, whom you may know as a member of our Counselling Professional team at CPCAB. In the DVD, Barry demonstrates how he is able to develop the counselling relationship by working with the three core conditions of empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence.

Understanding Emotion-Focused Therapy features Dr Robert Elliott of Strathclyde University, who both describes, and demonstrates, some of the key elements of this contemporary, research-informed humanistic approach.

Coming soon: CPCAB Counselling Research Award videos

You may remember that at the BACP research conference last year we launched the CPCAB Counselling Research Award in association with BACP. The aim of the Award is to assist with the dissemination of research that has important implications for counselling training or counselling practice. CPCAB produces a video about the winning research and makes it freely available online.

Pictured above are the 2015 Award winners: Jan Grove and Beverley Spalding with CPCAB's Barry Kopp. Beverley conducted the research titled An exploration of Black and Asian counsellors' experiences of working with White clients as part of her degree at Newman University. Jan and her colleague Alison Rolfe, who wasn't available at the time the picture was taken, supervised her.

In addition, a team from Lewisham Counselling and Counsellor Training Associates (LC&CTA) received a commendation for their research titled Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Trainee Counsellors' Reflections on their Training and Implications for Practice. The team, comprised of Debra Powell, Mehboob Dada and Reyhan Yaprak, conducted the research while studying for a BACP Accredited L5 HPD in Counselling at LC&CTA.

We will shortly be publishing videos about these two pieces of research. Check shortly in order to watch the videos.


The arguments about the differences between counsellors and psychotherapists have raged for many years and no doubt will continue to do so for years to come! This little CPCAB video looks at the question in a rather more humorous way with homage to the original social class sketch which featured John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett. We hope you like our take on this!