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UpdateApril 2019 No. 66

We hope you are enjoying the extra hours of daylight and the new growth in nature that is everywhere to be seen. It is clear that we are working our way through difficult and uncertain times and our friends and colleagues may be anxious or angry. We hope that harmony will be restored soon and send you all our very best wishes for the remainder of 2019.

Important consultation - please read

We have been advised by Ofqual, our regulator within England, that an important new consultation is currently available for responses from all stakeholders, including training centres and learners.

The consultation links to the Government's drive to increase recognition within the VQ sector and give it equal recognition to general qualifications – the academic route. It's a worthy cause and one that CPCAB is proud to support, but inevitably it will result in changes in terms of how regulated awarding organisations oversee the delivery of their qualifications within recognised centres. The changes are “intended to ensure that appropriate controls are in place so that standards are consistent, whenever and wherever an assessment is taken.”

We have taken part in a number of consultation events and, whilst it appears that the impact on CPCAB will be less than it might be because our current processes are already broadly in line with the proposals, there is likely to be a subtle but significant shift in the relationship we currently enjoy with our centres. The time scale is one of the details that is up for consultation but it's likely that any changes will be implemented at some point during 2020, following a second-stage consultation later this year.

Ofqual will welcome responses from centres and we would encourage you to find some time in your busy week to set out your views and to share the consultation with your learners, who are also invited to respond. The deadline for this first consultation is 20th May 2019.

Open the consultation.

CPCAB staff

Our CPCAB family at head office continues to grow and we are delighted to welcome some more new faces to you.

Rachael Hann has recently taken up a new position as Centre Service Assistant, to support our hard-working Jackie Rice who is about to disappear under a pile of paperwork! Rachael is also a very busy person, with two children, a husband and much-loved family dog to care for as well as the demands of CPCAB. Rachael's background includes a wide variety of roles, including nearly two decades at the nearby Bath & West Showground. She's a big fan of live music and theatre and has extensive skills in this area too, so we're looking forward to making the most of her talents! Welcome to the team, Rachael.

Leo Gulliver-Haynes has just joined CPCAB as Education Standards Professional, another new role. He is working with the Qualification Service team in this key area, helping to maintain consistently robust educational standards and supporting the staff group to enhance their understanding of the education landscape. His background is ideally suited to this position, as a qualified teacher who has extensive experience of CPCAB qualifications, particularly within the field of substance misuse. He also works in adult education in his local area of Devon, Somerset and Dorset. It's hard to imagine how he finds the time or energy, but he is also a qualified fitness instructor and he runs classes in exercise and dance. Welcome, Leo – we'll try our best to keep up with you!


As we conclude our 2018-19 programme of standardisation training, we would like to thank all of you who have made the various days such a success and so enjoyable. There is a serious purpose to these days, of course, but there is also a genuine pleasure in being able to engage with so many of you in person.

It's also been pointed out to us that our annual day in Northern Ireland may actually be easier to attend for some of our more northerly tutors than the mainland-based sessions; if this is something you'd like to consider, do let us know. Planning is already well under way for next year's programme so please visit our website for standardisation details plus terms and conditions of attendance. Thank you.

Diversity Symposium

BACP and CPCAB are delighted to co-host the 'Connecting with the lived experience' diversity symposium in Canada Water, London on Friday 10th May, where we will explore the way forward in understanding diversity as part of the client experience and as part of personal development.

The symposium aims

  • To open a dialogue to enhance engagement with the lived experience.
  • Encourage delegates to look at their own diversity in order to be fully present and open to the diversity of the other.
  • Explore what prevents the delegate from fully entering and experiencing the client's world.
  • Provide a space to consider what prevents the client from being fully transparent and present when meeting a counsellor outside of their lived experience.

This event is now fully booked but if you would like to be added to our waiting list, please email We hope to be able to share with you a video of the event including a post-symposium ‘on the couch' review, which will be available shortly afterwards.

Reasonable Adjustments

An important reminder that all requests for Reasonable Adjustments must be made a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the date of the External Assessment.

CPCAB cannot guarantee that requests made after this time will be processed and a centre may need to defer the candidate to a later EA window. See CPCAB's Reasonable Adjustment policy.

New fees from September 2019

Please note that our new fee structure comes into force with effect from September 2019. These fees apply to the UK only. For overseas charges please contact CPCAB.

A New Vision for Mental Health

“Have you ever wondered what mental healthcare would look like if, knowing what we know today, it was redesigned from scratch?” The New Vision for Mental Health project looks at various aspects of – and answers to – this question.

Recent posts on the project website include:

Social media

We are delighted to announce that our social media presence continues to grow and a recent summary showed

  • nearly 8,200 Facebook followers
  • Nearly 8,100 subscribers to our YouTube Channel
  • Just over 1,800 followers on Twitter

It's good to keep in touch!

Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling - guidance on "gap years"

We are occasionally asked for guidance on whether or not to accept individual potential candidates and we are happy to help, although as you know admission decisions, like decisions to remove a candidate from a course, are a centre responsibility.

One area of enquiry relates to TC-L4 candidates who return to the training after a mid-course “gap year”. Without encroaching on your own centre decision-making process, for best practice it would be advisable to carry out an interview for the candidate again, in the same way as you did before they started level 4. This is especially important where they are joining year 2 from a different centre, in which we would recommend that you seek references from their former centre. We hope this is helpful.

Counselling Qualifications Professional

This role has become available with remote or blended working a possibility.

The suitable candidate will be a counselling professional, and a skilled and experienced tutor with proven ability to deliver CPCAB Qualifications at Level 4 Diploma level (minimum). The candidate must have a solid understanding of the CPCAB qualification structure, and the ability to support tutors and centres with the delivery of their qualifications.

Responsibilities of the role include approving centre and qualification applications, coordinating the assessment and moderation of counselling qualifications, reviewing and revising qualification structure and content in line with changes in the counselling and educational landscape.

The role is offered 3 full days a week, £36,000 fte

Apply with full CV and covering letter to by Friday 3rd May.

For more information, or an informal chat about the role contact

Download: Job description (Counselling Qualifications Professional)


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