August 2007

Effective listening skills: feedback from Look Ahead Housing and Care

As part of our evaluation process we regularly take feedback from tutors and trainees. The report published below is from one of our new centres, Look Ahead Housing and Care and details their impressions of our new qualification, Effective Listening Skills (ELSK-L2).

Over three days in April, a first happened at Look Ahead. Following the exciting news that we had achieved accreditation to become a Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) approved centre, residents and staff attended a training course that led to a fully recognised qualification. The qualification was a Level 2 Award in Effective Listening Skills and throughout the three days participants had to perform role plays, complete a portfolio and work in small groups. They learnt how to listen more effectively, give feedback and create a safe environment for staff.

The staff who attended the course found the learning invaluable and they all really enjoyed working with the residents. Maki Gbedemah said of the course: "There should be more training with staff and residents as it breaks down barriers. It's amazing how much knowledge the residents have." Lisa Wasniewski agreed, saying "It was a really nice experience working with the residents in a non-work environment. It makes them realise we are all human."

The training session helped the staff to understand that there is a lot more to listening than they thought. Lisa said, "It made me realise the things I was doing wrongly and it taught me to listen without giving my opinion."

All three members of staff who attended thought that the training course should be compulsory for all support workers, as it teaches the basic counselling skills that can be hard to learn on the job. Staff also praised the training saying that she was "...beyond fabulous and had a wealth of experience in the field." Lydia Turda summed up by saying, "It was the most positive course I have ever done at Look Ahead." *

To find out more about ELSK-L2 please visit our website at or contact me on 01458 850350.

Traci Postings
Qualification leader, levels 2 and 3

*Source: Newsletter for staff at Look Ahead Housing and Care, No. 49 Summer 2007.