July 2007 No. 18

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When asked by a reader where the self-help section was, our local librarian refused to answer. She said that would be defeating the purpose.

The client was clearly distressed. “I’m in such a state, I can’t seem to remember anything these days”.

“And how long have you felt like this?”

“Like what?”

Two therapists were walking down a hall.

One turned to the other and said, "Hello."

The other one thought, "I wonder what he meant by that?"

New online candidate registration system

The CPCAB website is being upgraded for the start of the 2007-08 academic year with a new secure section for centres. The first stage of this development will allow all of our centres to register their candidate groups securely via our website. Centres will be able to register quickly to use the system using their centre ID and email address, allowing instant access to the secure area. The system will be able to accept keyed in details and batch registrations.

We'll be notifying centres shortly by email when the system goes live. Don't worry if your centre isn't ready to use the system yet as you will still be able to register by email or post as before. If you have any questions regarding the changes please contact Marina by email: mrichards@cpcab.co.uk or phone: 01458 852 054.

Victor Rigby
Business Manager

No changes to CPCAB qualifications

Some centres have been asking about changes and extensions to our qualifications.

I can confirm that there are no changes to CPCAB existing qualifications for September 07 or for the foreseeable future. We have applied for an extension to all our existing qualifications (except CSU-L4 – consultancy supervision which has no current learners) which are due for re-accreditation in January 2008. There will be no changes at this time and the learning aim numbers/codes/funding bands will remain the same.

Future plans
CPCAB has set up a working group to prepare for changes that will be required for transition to the new Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) which is being tested and trialled by QCA at the moment as a replacement for the NQF.

This is a complex long-term project which will be phased in over time. The new framework (QCF) will be based on a unit structure with credit attached and is expected to include the Scottish, Welsh, Northern Ireland and European qualifications and credit frameworks as well as articulate with HE. It also includes a complex IT project to support the introduction of Unique Learner Numbers and the Learner Achievement Record. We are not clear what the timescale for this will be (as time lines on this project continually slip) but the earliest possible full operational date is 2010 and this is optimistic.

Clearly CPCAB must prepare for any required changes (hence the working group) but our focus will be on minimal disruption and maximum continuity wherever possible. The working group is simply exploring options at this stage and any proposed changes will include a consultation phase with our centres.

If you have any questions please telephone me on 01458 850 350 or email me fionabd@cpcab.co.uk for more information.

Fiona Ballantine Dykes
Head of Qualifications

Good news! Open University Credit points - Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

The Open University has assessed CPCAB’s Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and has assigned 120 general credit points at undergraduate level 1 (FE Level 4).

This has been agreed for CPCAB diplomas from September 2002.

Candidates wishing to pursue Open University degree courses can apply for their existing diploma qualification to be taken into consideration. The extent to which credit is awarded will obviously depend on the relevance of the diploma to their proposed course of study.

This is further acknowledgement of the excellent work and achievements of those who have successfully completed their CPCAB Diploma at Level 4. We hope that you will be encouraged to continue with your counselling studies.

Maureen Moore
Director of Qualifications Development

Counselling training: the way ahead

CPCAB is pleased to announce that we will be presenting an exciting new conference on Saturday 26th April 2008. The event will be aimed at counselling trainers and anyone else involved in the delivery of counselling training.

‘Counselling training: the way ahead’ will be a one day event, presented in response to requests from our tutors for a day of professional development that will enhance the teaching and learning skills specific to counselling. The venue is the Royal Agricultural College at Cirencester which offers convenient access by road and rail. The college is set in delightful surroundings with lovely walks so we hope you will be able to be there to learn, network and relax. This conference would form a useful part of your CPD requirement.

The programme will include stimulating presentations and workshops covering updates on current developments in the field. We will be looking at creative methods for teaching counselling and for looking after you. The well-being of our tutors is very important to us and we have taken great care to choose a venue that is particularly beautiful and conducive to both relaxation and learning. The day will allow time for networking as this too is an essential part of any conference. Many of you will already know each other from standardisation and external verification training days so this will be a time for you to enjoy re-establishing connections and sharing ideas.

The conference is not limited to CPCAB tutors so please feel free to share this advance information with colleagues and supervisors and agencies involved in the development of counsellors. We will shortly send you information confirming the details of the day and booking information.

Maureen Moore
Director of Qualifications Development

CPCAB Head of Qualifications elected to the Executive Committee of the Federation of Awarding Bodies

CPCAB is delighted to announce that our Head of Qualifications, Fiona Ballantine Dykes, has been elected to the Executive Committee of the Federation of Awarding Bodies.

“The current climate of continual change and uncertainty is particularly difficult for small awarding bodies, where resources are limited.” she wrote in her supporting statement. “As a member of the FAB Exec Committee I would be committed to highlighting the concerns and interests of small awarding bodies in all FAB’s activities as well as keeping the membership fully informed.”

As part of her new role, Fiona will play an active part in the management and development of FAB, which operates under the following mission statement: “To increase the influence and reputation of vocational awarding bodies, to provide valued support and services to the membership base, and to undertake strategic projects to further the objectives of the Federation and its members.”

Fiona was elected in a formal ballot of FAB members and looks forward to making a valuable contribution to the field of vocational qualifications as well as forging useful new links between CPCAB and associated organisations.

CSK-L2: New mock assessment DVD

From September 2007, there will be a new CSK-L2 mock DVD called “The Honeymoon’s Over”.

For the 2007/08 academic year all mock papers will be included on your tutor CDs. In the same way as last year, the tutor CDs will be sent out to tutors once registration has been received.

If you'd like any more information please contact Marina by email: mrichards@cpcab.co.uk or phone: 01458 852 054.

External Assessment dates for 2007-08

Below are the External Assessment dates for 2007-08.

Qualification Date of EA Date of results
ICSK-L2 03/12/07
CSK-L2 14/01/08
CSK-L3 14/01/08
CST-L3 28/01/08
Qualification Date of EA Date of results
TC-L4 Stage 1 08/10/07
TC-L4 Stage 2 12/11/07
PC-L5 26/11/07
CBT-L5 19/05/08 09/06/08
TCSU-L6 19/05/08 23/06/08

*Independent Verification.

Standardisation Training dates for 2007-08

Below are the standardisation training dates and venues for 2007-08.

Location Venue Date
London The Resource Centre Friday 28th September 2007
London The Resource Centre Saturday 29th September 2007
Bristol BAWA Saturday 13th October 2007
Northern Ireland Northern Regional College - Cafe Lamont Friday 9th November 2007
Manchester St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Saturday 10th November 2007
Birmingham BVSC Saturday 8th March 2008

Level 2 Certificate in Substance Misuse

You may be interested to learn that CPCAB is in the process of preparing a user-friendly level 2 qualification in substance misuse. This 30-hour qualification is being developed in response to interest expressed by our registered centres, and we hope you will find it interesting.

The ‘Level 2 Certificate in Substance Misuse’ is intended to be the first of a suite of qualifications in this subject area. It is targeted at:

We would be grateful for any thoughts and opinions you may have about this proposal. If you would like any additional information or would like to discuss things in more details, please contact Traci Postings on 01458 850350. Many thanks.

Traci Postings
Counselling Professional

Regulating the Psychological Therapies: From Taxonomy to Taxidermy by Denis Postle

Counsellors and trainers may be interested to read a book that arrived at CPCAB’s Head Office recently.

Regulating the Psychological Therapies: From Taxonomy to Taxidermy’ is written by Denis Postle, an artist, writer and musician who has practised counselling, coaching, supervision and psychotherapy for more than 17 years. A review on Amazon’s website states that ‘this book is essential reading for all those who wish to make the practice of psychotherapy a fit home for the human spirit’.

In the seemingly unstoppable move to registration he presents a challenging counter-argument.

Published by PCCS Books Ltd
ISBN-13: 978-1898059943

Denis has also posted an 'Ipnosis Special on The Health Professions Council'. It includes Editorial and Critical Review of several HPC documents.