UpdateJuly 2013 No. 43

CPCAB sends you best wishes for the rest of the summer at the end of another academic year. As always there have been highs and lows but we have enjoyed working with you very much and hope you will have a relaxing and happy break ready for the challenges of the new year.

CPCAB - our philosophy

To celebrate CPCAB's 20th anniversary we have commissioned some exciting creative projects to mark the occasion.

The first of these projects to be completed is a letterpressed copy of the CPCAB philosophy. The philosophy is an integral part of the organisation. It has been written beautifully and has evoked an emotional response from many tutors, colleagues and students as well as providing a huge amount of inspiration for those training to become counsellors. Therefore we felt it was really important to find a way to highlight its importance. By letterpressing the philosophy we have created a beautiful, artisan piece of work.

A limited edition run of 100 prints have been created and will soon be available to purchase online.


A reminder that we have produced guidance on the funding situation in two separate documents aimed at students and tutors respectively. These guides have been updated a number of times in recent months so if you haven’t checked them out recently it might be worth your while to look again.

A guide to funding for tutors: www.cpcab.co.uk/public_docs/funding_for_centres

Standardisation Training

Standardisation dates for next year are as follows:

  • London 4th/5th October
  • Manchester 19th October
  • Bristol 9th November
  • Northern Ireland 22nd November
  • Birmingham 1st February 2014

Standardisation for the new Life Coaching qualification will take place in London on 4th October only - please bear this in mind if you are a life coaching tutor. Please also remember that it is a requirement for at least one experienced tutor and all new tutors from every centre to attend one of the standardisation training days listed above. For more details about standardisation requirements please see www.cpcab.co.uk/tutors/standardisation-training. To book your place online fill out this form.

TC-L4 External Assessment

Just a reminder that there is to be no tutor or student feedback as part of the live external assessment process.  It is particularly important that students do not give any verbal or written feedback to each other after the recordings as this can affect the validity of the candidate reflections on the review paper. Thank you.

External assessment dates

From time to time we are asked if centres can set their external assessments at times other than those specified by CPCAB. This can only happen in the most exceptional of circumstances, such as severe weather conditions. Dates are set and published well in advance of the year so learners can be given fair notice - we ask you, therefore, not to embarrass us by asking permission to change the dates at your centre. Thank you.

Approved voluntary registers

Are you up to date with the latest situation in terms of voluntary registers (AVRs)? See www.cpcab.co.uk/site/faq for the latest update.


Instead of our usual final joke, we hope this picture of CPCAB staff working at Glastonbury Festival will make you smile. You might not find it easy to spot the CPCAB workers though as they all appear to have transformed into Michael Eavis...

We’re pleased to announce that the whole team had an exceptionally enjoyable time and look forward to being able to hand over a cheque for between £4,000 and £5,000 to chosen charity Somerset Headway in the near future.