Why choose CPCAB?

What makes us different from – and in our opinion better than – other awarding bodies offering counselling and life coaching qualifications?

  • We are the only awarding body run by counsellors for counsellors.
  • We are a specialist awarding body approved by Ofqual which focuses on the development of counselling and life coaching as professions.
  • We emphasise the importance of the counselling relationship and difference and diversity.
  • We are staffed by counsellors and psychotherapists who understand the needs of the profession and provide dedicated support to counselling tutors by phone, via annual verification visits and at regular standardisation training events.
  • We provide tutors with extensive web, video and paper-based support.
  • We provide coherent qualification progression routes (levels 2 - 6) for counsellors and helpers developed from evidence based research.
  • We are actively engaged with developments in the counselling and life coaching sectors.
  • We help to promote registered centres and courses in a wide variety of ways, from the production of videos and slideshows (aimed at prospective students) to a centre finder – to help prospective students find their nearest centre.

To find out more

A member of our counselling team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about CPCAB, about how to become an accredited centre and about running our range of counselling qualifications. If you have any questions please call us on 01458 850350.