Our fees

If you are a learner please contact your nearest centre to find out what fees you will need to pay as they vary from centre to centre. The following fees are applicable to centres only.

Our fees for 2018-19

Effective from September 2018.

Qualification Initial qualification approval fee Candidate registration fee Re-sit fee Appeals
ELSK-L2 £125 £52 N/A N/A
USM-L2 £125 £52 N/A N/A
ICSK-L2 £150 £52 N/A N/A
CSK-L2 £200 £163 £97 £163
CST-L3 £200 £166 £97 £166
LCS-L3 £169 £144 £89 £144
LC-L4 £274 £274 £203 £274
TC-L4 £350 Year 1: £327
Year 2: £327
£227 £327
PC-L5 £350 £327 £227 £327
CBT-L5 £350 £327 £227 £327
TCSU-L6 £350 £327 £227 £327

There are no additional group, external assessment and verification, certification or external assessment feedback fees. As part of the centre recognition process for all new centres there is a mandatory induction visit for which expenses only are charged. All applications for new and subsequent qualifications the approval fees must be paid for on application and are non-refundable including applications that are not successful. Payment can be made by cheque made payable to CPCAB or via BACS payment. Candidate registration fees above apply to the UK only. For overseas charges please contact us.

Additional fees will be charged for the following:

  • Late registration fee - £55 per group.
  • Missed feedback appointments (applicable after second missed appointment) - £30.
  • Non-attendance at standardisation training - £55.
  • Qualification descriptor - £200. This is in addition to the qualification approval fee.
  • If there are areas of concern or further support is required during the centre approval process CPCAB will arrange a visit to your centre. A charge will be payable for this support. It will cover CPCAB's travel expenses only and will be agreed with you by the Centre Service Manager prior to the visit. If you need further details, please contact jackie@cpcab.co.uk. Alternatively, if you are able to visit CPCAB Head Office there will be no charge for this additional support.
  • Additional consultancy or on-site support visits requested by centres - £350 plus expenses.
  • Fee for external verification visits for centres registering groups below the advertised minimum numbers per year - £300
  • Additional CPCAB monitoring visit £350
  • For tailor-made qualification rates please apply to CPCAB
  • Replacement certificates - £40.

Notes about appeals

Candidates assessed as Not Proficient in external assessment may appeal via their centre, against the external assessment result. The appeals fee is subsequently refunded in full if the appeal is successful. This re-sit/re-submission must take place at the next CPCAB specified external assessment date.

Candidates who are assessed as Not Proficient at their re-sit/re-submission are not usually recommended to undertake a second re-sit/re-submission but under certain conditions this may be considered by CPCAB.

Candidates who are still Not Yet Proficient in internal assessment at the end of the course should only be entered for an external assessment re-sit if they are able/likely to achieve Proficiency in their internal assessment.