The first recipients of the CPCAB Counselling Research Award – made in association with BACP – present their research findings in the following videos made by the Counselling Channel. This prestigious new award is designed to disseminate research which is important for counselling or counselling training. We hope you find them enjoyable and valuable.

2015 Winner: Beverley Spalding

The 2015 CPCAB Counselling Research Award was won by Beverley Spalding, a graduate from Newman University, Birmingham. Her research, titled "An exploration of Black and Asian counsellors' experiences of working with White clients”, was supervised by Jan Grove and Alison Rolfe. Download a presentation of this research.

2015 Commendation: Debra Powell, Mehboob Dada and Reyhan Yaprak

A team from Lewisham Counselling & Counsellor Training Associates (LC&CTA) received a commendation award. Their research, titled "Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Trainee Counsellors' Reflections on their Training and Implications for Practice", was conducted by Debra Powell, Mehboob Dada and Reyhan Yaprak. Download the research paper.

Future Awards

The next award winner will be announced at the BACP Research Conference in 2017. This will take place at the University of Chester on 19 and 20 May 2017. For details visit the BACP website.

Aim of the Award

The aim of the CPCAB Counselling Research Award is to assist with the dissemination of research that has important implications for counselling training or counselling practice. Through highlighting significant research, documenting it on video and disseminating it for free online, the Award aims to make the research accessible and engaging to all counselling trainees and practitioners.

The nature of, and eligibility for the Award

The Award is in the form of a video documenting the research which is made available to watch for free online. All research submitted to the BACP annual research conference is eligible to be considered for the Award.

The judging process

Research will be judged on the importance of its findings for counselling training and/or counselling practice. BACP will assess the research abstracts it receives and draw up a shortlist for CPCAB to consider. CPCAB will then make the final selection.

Acceptance of the Award

We recognise that some researchers will not want to be involved in the production of a video on their research. For this reason the recipient will be asked either to formally accept the Award within seven days, or to opt out. Should the recipient opt out then the Award will be conferred on the research which came second in the judging process. If the Award is given to a research team then the team must nominate one member to liaise with the video producer in the pre-production of the video who will also normally appear in the video itself.

Presentation of the Award

The Award will be presented at the BACP annual research conference which normally takes place in May. An extract from the video will be shown at the subsequent year’s conference.