How to Become a CPCAB Centre

It’s simple to become a recognised CPCAB centre and deliver our qualifications. Just select from one of the three options on this page and read our accompanying guidance. However, if you get stuck along the way we'll be happy to help you.

Need help with your application?

If you have any pre-application queries, or would like to discuss becoming a recognised centre, please contact our Customer Experience Lead, Derek Cunningham. Derek can advise you on qualification delivery models, progression routes, and answer your questions as you consider your next step.

You can always call us on 01458 850350 to discuss your plans in person or arrange a video meeting.

Regulated qualifications

Apply to offer our regulated qualifications

We offer regulated counselling qualifications, from an introductory Level 2, to a practitioner Level 4 and beyond to supervision Level 6. These qualifications form our progression route, supporting candidates to become qualified counsellors.

You can find out more about our range of regulated qualifications on our qualifications page. To help support your application please read our guide to centre recognition.

Tailor Made qualifications

Apply to offer Tailor Made qualifications

Our Tailor Made qualifications service provides you with support to design new qualifications, or review existing ones, and have them accredited by us. This allows you to design and deliver a training programme that meets the specific needs of your organisation and candidates. Unlike our regulated qualifications, Tailor Made qualifications don't require external assessment.

Find out more on our Tailor Made qualifications service page. To help support your application please read our guide to centre recognition for Tailor Made qualifications.

CPD endorsement

Apply to have your CPD endorsed by us

With our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) endorsement service we offer our valuable quality assurance and recognition for your CPD programme. That’s over 27 years of expertise in counselling training from the UK’s leading counselling awarding organisation.

Find out more on our CPD endorsement page. To help support your application please read our guide to CPD endorsement.