Quality Assurance

Assessing Candidates

For all CPCAB qualifications a tutor assesses each learner's portfolio. Find out more in our 'How to build a student portfolio' video.

Some qualifications are also subject to an external assessment. Learners must be proficient in both the internal and external assessments in order to achieve the qualification. In some instances there are also other criteria that must be met.

A list of minimum internal assessment requirements can be found in the qualification document for each of the qualifications. We also offer a variety of example proformas and tutor guidance to help with internal assessment.

In addition, we also run free standardisation training days for tutors each year.

Internal Moderation and Verification

During each teaching year the training centre must moderate and verify the tutor assessments. Each training centre will have their own processes for carrying out moderation and verification. See CPCAB guide to internal moderation, internal verification and internal quality assurance for centres for details.

External Verification

Due to Covid-19 and for the safety of all our tutors and CPCAB staff, our External Verification process is currently being carried out remotely. Read more in our Remote EV Visit Guidance for Centres document. In the video below John Coupe, one of CPCAB's External Verifiers (EV), explains how remote EV visits are conducted and what to expect from them. He also offers some tips on how to make the process easier for your team.

The below video features Tracey Burke-Taylor talking about her experience of CPCAB's remote External Verification process as lead tutor at North West London Counselling and Training. She offers tips for tutors to make the process easier.