Standardising Tutors

We offer face-to-face and virtual Standardisation Training Days for tutors, free of charge. During the training we work through what’s new in the ever-expanding community of counselling qualifications.  The day features workshops lead by our Counselling Qualifications Professionals, setting the standards of our qualifications at the different levels, as well as focus groups exploring topics chosen to enhance and inspire your upcoming year of course delivery. These meetings offer networking opportunities with colleagues from other centres and to meet the CPCAB team. 

As a CPCAB approved tutor you are required to attend one of the free CPCAB Standardisation Training Days either before or during your first delivery of one of our the courses. You must then attend a Standardisation Training Day at least once every two years and receive ‘cascade’ training from a colleague in the intervening year. 

Please see CPCAB’s Terms and Conditions for full details. 

2020/21 Training Dates

CPCAB Tutor Standardisation training has now finished for the 2020/2021 academic year. Please keep an eye on this page of the CPCAB website for new dates for the 2021/2022 training programme which will be published this summer.

Benefits of Attending

  • Free of charge meetings with lunch provided
  • Regional training so you don’t have too far to travel
  • Available to every centre teaching ICSK-L2 above (no limit on attendees from each centre)
  • Opportunity to meet the CPCAB team on a one-to-one basis
  • Opportunity to network with other tutors
  • Standardisation exercises relevant to the qualifications
  • Workshop for new tutors to CPCAB
  • Tutor support materials following training

Feedback from Previous Training Days

It is valuable to network and understand the experiences/skills of other tutors as well as to feel part of the CPCAB "family". The workshops were really interesting and generated lots of ideas and reflections. Always such a supportive and enlightening environment.
Helpful to get updates about the different developments at CPCAB and their courses. I liked meeting others from other areas to see what they were doing and share how they found the experience. It’s always nice to feel welcomed as part of the CPCAB organisation. The workshops were well organised and the venue is easy to find and comfortable.
Really enjoyed meeting other tutors and CPCAB staff, felt very relaxed and supportive. The material that was covered was very helpful and confidence-boosting - great day, thank you
The day was very inclusive- there was a sense of everyone feeling valued and their opinion and experience respected. Each year I feel I'm bringing more away from the event.

Terms and Conditions

CPCAB would like to draw your attention to the Tutor Standardisation Terms and Conditions.

Have you recently delivered a CPCAB qualification? Let us know about your experience by completing a tutor feedback survey for each qualification you've taught.