Foundation Degree in Counselling

The Open University Foundation Degree is made up of the CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (TC-L4), a mandatory Open University module (Exploring mental health and counselling D241) PLUS a choice of Open University modules and optional CPCAB level 5 practitioner qualifications.

All CPCAB qualifications are delivered in further education colleges, or other approved training centres. The Open University modules can be taken at any time during the Foundation Degree but we recommend studying them either alongside or after completing the CPCAB qualifications.

How do I start?

Stage 1 (120 credits)

Begin with the CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (TC-L4). You will need at least 150 hours' counselling skills and theory training before you can apply for this qualification.

Stage 2 (120 credits)

Stage two offers two routes. In the first route you'll study a CPCAB Level 5 Diploma and an Open University module that looks at mental health by focusing on the brain's functions. In the second route you can choose one from a range of Open University psychology and mental health modules.

With both routes you'll study an Open University module that combines counselling approaches and theory with a critical approach to controversial debates around mental health and illness.

Choose one of the following Open University modules:

  • Death, dying and bereavement (K220)
  • Living psychology: from the everyday to the extraordinary (DD210)
  • Mental health and community (K240)
  • Psychology of childhood and youth (E219)

And study the following Open University module:

  • Exploring mental health and counselling (D241)

What about distance learning?

The Open University modules are delivered via distance learning but the CPCAB practitioner qualifications are all delivered face-to-face in a classroom situation, via a network of approved training centres. These qualifications also include requirements for client hours, supervision and personal therapy. You can find your nearest training centre using our centre finder.

Do my existing qualifications count?

The Open University Foundation Degree in Counselling is an exclusive partnership between the Open University and CPCAB - therefore only CPCAB qualifications count towards this award.

The qualifications that have been credit rated and approved as part of the Foundation Degree in Counselling are:

Note: qualifications from other awarding organisations are not accepted.

For answers to other questions about the Foundation Degree in Counselling please see our FAQs.