Running CPCAB qualifications online

During the 2019-20 teaching year we saw the immense success of centres where online delivery was embraced and how it was used to enhance the learning environment for many learners.

Following guidance from our regulators and consultation with staff, centres, and learners we are pleased to offer CPCAB centres the opportunity to deliver our qualifications online beyond the end of the pandemic restrictions.

How can my centre start delivering CPCAB qualifications online?

We are giving permissions for some of our qualifications to be offered in an online or blended format. Centres interested in this offer should read the information below and apply using the application form provided (see below) if they are able to fulfil all the requirements of online delivery.

How much of our training can we deliver online?

Qualifications delivered online should follow permissions set by us describing how much of the teaching can be delivered online or face to face.

What standards will my centre need to meet?

To maintain the standards of delivery, we require two things from centres:

  • Centres must gain online delivery approval from CPCAB using a new application form (see below). This will ask for details of a centre's intention and ability to deliver high-quality online or blended training.
  • Centres and tutors must review the new CPCAB Quality Framework for Online Delivery. They will then need to commit to working within its values and competences throughout the provision of all future online delivery that takes place at the centre. Centres must agree to CPCAB reviewing this commitment through its regular Quality Assurance checks, and to provide evidence of it where necessary.

CPCAB's Quality Framework for Online Delivery

The new CPCAB Quality Framework for Online Delivery is a multi-purpose framework. It obliges centres to consider the additional competences required when delivering online, and it encourages tutors and centre staff to positively engage with the potential of online delivery methods and foster best practice. It is also a 'quality stamp' on qualification delivery that a learner can expect when studying a CPCAB qualification online, in comparison to many other online or distance offerings which may not hold themselves to such best practice guidelines.

How can centres apply for online delivery?

Centres wishing to continue to offer qualifications online after the end of the current pandemic contingency framework should complete the application form below and email it to

How will online delivery affect candidates?

Whether online or face to face, candidates studying with CPCAB can be reassured that their qualifications meet the required standards at their chosen level of training, and will enable them to progress.

Our practitioner qualifications have been mapped to the requirements of the profession and to the relevant professional associations.

We continue to advise that any online or distance learning they do with other awarding organisations should be substantial. Their learning should fully represent the competences they need to qualify at their chosen level and gain their preferred professional membership/accreditation at the end of their training. Poor quality online/distance learning may not be sufficient for progression or provide the competencies to work safely with clients.