How much will it cost me to train as a counsellor via CPCAB?

There is no a simple answer to this question. It takes at least 3-4 years to train as a professional counsellor and this is done by achieving a series of qualifications at each level. CPCAB charges the registered training centre a registration fee for each candidate for each qualification and these charges are published on the CPCAB website. However, the CPCAB registration fee represents only a small part of the overall cost of training.

Centres set their own scale of charges for the training they deliver. This includes teaching and administrative staff (probably the single most expensive element) but accommodation and resources can also be very expensive. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where you have a choice of centres, you may find that charges vary to some extent. Large Further Education colleges may benefit from economies of scale and smaller private centres don't provide many of the extra services expected by college students, so it's worth making enquiries. All CPCAB centres go through the same approval process, so you can have confidence in the centre you choose.

It's worth looking at more than just the financial side of things though when choosing your centre. When you embark on your CPCAB training you are starting on a journey that will change your life. It's worth taking a little time to choose somewhere that meets your individual preference and learning needs.

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