I wish to make a formal complaint – where do I start?

If you have any concerns at all about your training, we strongly recommend that you try to sort them out informally if at all possible, as soon as you can; once the formal complaints process is started up, it may close off other options.

When things do go wrong, there are clear boundaries between the roles of your centre and CPCAB as the awarding organisation. Complaints about admission or removal from a course, payment of fees or any aspect of your teaching experience and course work (internal assessment) must be addressed directly with your centre. When you join your group you should be provided with a formal appeals and complaints policy that explains how to do this.

CPCAB can only review a complaint concerning any of the above areas if you have already exhausted the centre's own appeals and complaints procedure without satisfaction. Under these circumstances we will investigate...

  • whether the centre has followed their own processes fairly and properly
  • whether CPCAB guidelines have been followed and
  • that there have been no instances of malpractice or maladministration.

It is unlikely that CPCAB could change the results of a centre complaint. Students often assume that CPCAB is the governing body of their training centre but this is not the case. As the awarding organisation (formerly known as ‘exam boards’) our role is to externally assess and award, plus maintain the integrity of the qualification.

To make a formal complaint please view our complaints policy. Once all sections are completed please send it to: standards@cpcab.co.uk.