How do I Complete the Annual Declaration of Compliance?

When a centre first registers with CPCAB they receive initial approval to run for one year.  In order to meet the requirements of its regulators [Ofqual in England, Qualifications Wales in Wales and CCEA Regulation in Northern Ireland] and to protect the interests of learners, CPCAB is obliged to obtain a further declaration of compliance from each of its recognised centres every year. 

This declaration is also intended to confirm that the information provided to CPCAB at the time of the centre’s first approval remains accurate and up to date.  The declaration is available to complete via the CPCAB Portal, it must be signed by the person responsible for the quality assurance and management of CPCAB qualifications within the centre, or by an agreed person on their behalf. 

The centre user responsible for registrations will be prompted to fill in the declaration when registering the first candidate group for the new academic year. Once the declaration has been submitted, the Portal will issue the Annual Practising Certificate (APC) / Annual Certificate for Continued Accreditation (ACCA) which lists the CPCAB qualifications the centre is approved to teach in the current academic year.  It will be sent via email to the nominated Portal user and will also be available as a printable PDF via the CPCAB portal to admin users.

The annual declaration process is also applicable to centres offering CPCAB accredited tailor made qualifications and following a completed declaration, these centres will receive an automated Annual Certificate for Continued Accreditation (ACCA) via the CPCAB portal.