Sage Digital Library

We're thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Sage Publishing, providing CPCAB centres with access to their own digital library.

As many of our centres now embrace online or hybrid synchronous teaching methods, we recognise the increasing demand for digital resources. Thus, CPCAB is dedicated to supporting centres facing this demand and those looking to enhance their offering to learners.


Benefits include

  • Flexibility for learners to work off-campus
  • Learners are not expected to pay for access to essential book resources
  • Increased accessibility considerations for learners with specific requirements, such as visual impairments
  • Seamless integration with Google Classroom
  • Bookmarking functionality for both tutors and learners

Hear from Dr Kirsty Bilski and her learners @ Way Forward centre


Dr Kirsty Bilski

Why did you chose to create a digital library? ››

“I am passionate about access to books and in setting up the centre I wanted our students to be able to access resources which wouldn't cost them any additional money. The fees for training are enough and I wanted to provide value for money in attending the centre. I am an academic and have always valued being able to access books and other academic resources as and when required. I have not always had the money to buy books for myself, particularly in the early years of my career.”

What benefits have you found for you and your learners? ››

“For myself, I can identify texts which back up the learning in the classroom and signpost the learners to further literature. The Sage text which relates specifically to level 2 and 3 is accessible for learners who are just starting out on their training process. I also use this to support learners as they prepare for their external assessment process. The books are available and ready to use, students are able to dip in and out of texts to support any assignments they are writing or to sample books before buying the hard copies for themselves. They are particularly good for the online learners because they can't access the physical library at the centre. They offer value for money alongside the course and students appreciate being able to access this material to support their learning even thought they may be studying from outside of the UK.”

Will you continue to use the digital library? ››

“Yes, although setting it up was expensive the plan has always been to develop the number of titles we have over time. The value it brings to the students far outweighs the physical cost and I will continue to provide this valuable resource for our students. I know it is appreciated and well used.”


“It’s great to access what would be expensive books to purchase as part of the learning experience.”

“An invaluable resource.”


“It’s quick to access resources and easy to find what I need for assignments and learning.”

“Just a fabulous asset.”


“The cost, range of books available, it’s a sustainable source, space-saving.”

“Access to the digital library helps to make the course more accessible to everyone.”


“Easy access to look at several books from home.”

“I have used it a lot and will continue to do so”

How-to guide

We have also created a ‘how-to guide’ below:

The Digital Library will use VLeBooks, a trusted eBook delivery service from Browns that offers a seamless experience with its learner-centric site and a separate web-based area specifically designed for centres.



Unlimited annual digital access
(*equivalent price of just 17 print copies)

RRP £24.99
Less 30% print discount
= £17.49 per copy


Unlimited annual digital access
(*equivalent price of just 24 print copies)

RRP £26.99
Less 30% print discount
= £18.89 per copy

Centres can buy digital access to both titles for reduced price of...


If a centre runs three courses at levels 2 or 3 per year and uses Counselling Skills and Studies – they can acquire digital access for all three courses for the price of 24 copies. The print discount is still available to students who want to buy individual copies.

If a centre runs two Level 4 courses per year and uses A Student’s Guide to Therapeutic Counselling – they can acquire digital access for both courses for the price of 17 copies. The print discount is still available to students who want to buy individual copies.

And what's more...

  • Print discount of 30% on wider reading list remains available
  • Other titles can be made available digitally if a centre would like to increase their resources. Pricing available on request via:


What do the ebooks look like within the Reader?

So that you can visualise what the ebooks look like when your users are reading online, we’ve created a handy epub User Guide for the VleBooks platform

How do I take the first step to get access to the library?

Once you click on the "Sign up now" button at the top of this page, you will be asked to complete a form which will be sent to Sage. Sage will confirm with you by email that the form has been received, and check that it’s OK for the information to be shared with Browns. Sage will reach out to you again after your Browns account has been established, and will arrange for the invoice to be produced and sent to you.

How will users access?

VleBooks offers a variety of authentication methods.
Learners can authenticate via individual username & password access, IP authentication or by centre email address.
IP authentication is suitable for learners who access the web through the training centre's computer network or on-campus wifi only.
Centre email address is suitable for centres that provide learners with a standardised email address (e.g. The access method can be arranged when your centre's account is setup.

In case of any problems with my access, who can I contact?

In case of any issues, please contact Browns on For any non-access issues, please still contact Browns and they will liaise with Sage to resolve the problem, and Sage will come back to you.

Who will invoice me?

You will be invoiced by Browns – Sage will facilitate this on receipt of your invoicing information, including a designated invoicing contact, and a PO number.