Introducing Listening and Counselling Skills Video

This video portrays a day in the life of a mother (Mary) and her 19 year old son (Sean) where the relationship between them has broken down and neither is listening to the other. The day starts with an argument over breakfast. After the argument Sean looks for someone to talk to but his mate doesn’t listen.

Mary, on the other hand, can’t concentrate at work and is referred to her organisation’s human resources officer (Louise). In the informal helping session with Louise she discovers what it’s like to talk with someone who’s genuinely interested and accepting. Mary feels she can trust Louise who provides her with the opportunity to express her feelings in a safe environment. Louise gives Mary the time and space to reflect on her difficulties and shows her that she is genuinely listening by communicating her empathic understanding.

The helping session demonstrates the value of establishing a rapport, setting out the parameters of a safe environment and working with a clear beginning, middle and end. The listening and responding skills used by Louise encourage Mary to tell her story, help her to identify how she feels and clarify what she wants.

Reflecting on the session, Mary also considers taking her experience of being heard and understood into her relationship with her son. By listening to him with genuine interest and acceptance she hopes to improve their relationship. Mary is able to return to work after the helping session.

The video consists of the following segments:

  • The story of Mary and her son Sean
  • Commentary from Psychotherapist Maureen Moore (who plays the role of Louise)

Running time: 1 hour 18 minutes

  • Introducing Listening and Counselling Skills - digital stream £39.95