When Someone Dies Video

This video explores how three individuals experienced loss when someone close to them died and traces how their grief changed with the passage of time.

Supported throughout by experienced counsellors and counselling trainers the participants are sensitively and carefully held by the practitioners who gently place the experience of death in a framework which enables the viewer to gain a powerful “felt sense” of the experience of loss as well as offering a theoretical perspective.

These real-life stories include an in-depth account of a widow's reaction to her husband's shocking and untimely death, look at how a widower coped with the desolation he felt after his wife died, and chronicle the agonising experience of a mother losing her young child.

Interwoven throughout the videoed narrative there are also moments of reflection and commentary, and references to the importance that ritual, folk wisdom and poetry can play in enabling people experiencing bereavement to cope with their grief.

The video consists of the following segments:

  • Three real life in-depth accounts of bereavement
  • Theoretical perspectives on the experience of loss

Running time: 1 hour 46 minutes

Sample Clip

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